Kashmir's Ordeal

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  • New Paperback 261 Pages
  • Wellred Books Publications 2005
  • First Published 2005
  • ISBN-13: 9781900007252
'Kashmir's Ordeal' is the first major work on Kashmir's political perspectives on a class basis. Lal Khan attributes the root of social, national and political oppression of Kashmir's toiling masses to class exploitation. He gives a clear revolutionary alternative against the various inept and obscurantist proposals being churned out by different sections of the ruling classes of Pakistan and India, for the solution of this traumatic issue. In this investigative work Lal Khan relates the national liberation to the emancipation of the oppressed masses through a Socialist Revolution. From this perspective the author stresses the need for the integration of mass movement in Kashmir with the class struggle across the subcontinent and beyond. This book is highly recommended for those who want to understand the real nature of the crisis in Kashmir and those who are striving within Kashmir for a democratic and egalitarian society in this whole region. - A R Shaheen, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) in India, from Baramula (Kashmir)
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Author Lal Khan
Author Lal Khan
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