Pakistan's Other Story [Struggle]

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  • New Paperback 473 Pages
  • The Struggle Publications 2008
  • First Published 2008
  • ISBN-13: 978-9197495912

The publication of this book on the Pakistan revolution of 1968-69 represents a most important addition to the theorectical arsenal of Marxism. This book serves as both a detailed history of the events and an analysis of what happened - and what lessons are relevant to today.

" In 1968 the attention of most people in Europe was absorbed by the revolutionary events in France but I can vividly remember the marvellous movement in Pakistan, which made a deep impression on me... The situation in Pakistan had "got out of hand" from the bourgeois point of view. the government had lost its nerve; the ruling clique was suspended in mid-air; the police force was demoralised and sections of the armed forces wavering; the mass movement, affecting all sections of the populace had set about the transformation of society. All the elements of a classical revolutionary situation were present, except one: the revolutionary leadership..." Alan Woods (from the introduction)

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Author Lal Khan
Author Lal Khan
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