Problems of Everyday Life

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"The working class had to take power into its own hands so that there would be no political obstacles to the construction of the new society.

"But when it had won power, it found itself faced with another hindrance: poverty and lack of culture...

"The problem of how to cultivate and adjust, how to improve and 'finish' the physical and spiritual nature of man, is a colossal one, serious work on which is conceivable only under conditions of socialism."

Leon Trotsky, 1924

'Articles on social and cultural issues in the struggle to create the foundations for a new society, written for the Soviet press in the years immediately following the October 1917 revolution. Topics covered range from art, religion, science, and cinema to the education of youth and the emancipation of women.

Leon Trotsky was a central leader of the October revolution in Russia. During the Soviet republic's first ten years he served as foreign minister, head of the Red Army during the civil war of 1918-20, convener of economic planning bodies, and a leader of the Communist International. Following Lenin's death in 1924 Trotsky was the principal leader of the fight to defend Lenin's revolutionary course. Expelled from the Soviet Union in 1929, Trotsky was assasinated in Mexico by Stalin's secret police in 1940.'

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Author Leon Trotsky
Author Leon Trotsky
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