The History of the Russian Revolution and Lenin and Trotsky What They Really Stood For

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  • New Paperback 4-book Set Total 1472 Pages
  • Wellred Publications 2007 and 2000
  • ISBN-13: 9781900007269; 9781900007276; 9781900007283; 9788492183265

Leon Trotsky's three volume masterpiece, The History of the Russian Revolution is a Marxist masterpiece.

  • Volume one deals with the overthrow of the Tsar
  • Volume two of Trotsky's History covers the period from the 'July Days'
  • Volume three deals with the national question, the preparation of power, and the October insurrection

Lenin and Trotsky: What they really stood for was written as a reply to Monty Johnstone, a leading theoretician of the Communist Party of Great Britain. The book retains its use, however, in explaining the real relationship between the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky. This was no academic exercise. It was written as an appeal to the ranks of the Communist Party and the Young Communist League to rediscover the truth about Trotsky and return to the original revolutionary programme of Lenin.

Also included in this new edition is Monty Johnstone's original Cogito article, as well as further material on Lenin's struggle with Stalin in the last month of his political life. The foreword is written by Trotsky's grandson, Vsievolod Volkov.

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