The Housing Question

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  • New paperback 123 pages
  • Union Books 2012.
  • ISBN: 9781898231257

Engels' contribution to the debate in Germany's worker's press on the shortage of housing. The increase of the proletariat had created a housing crisis.

Engels aimed to show that the revolutionary class policy of the proletariat cannot be replaced by a policy of reforms, because "it is not that the solution of the housing question simultaneously solves the social question, but that only by the solution of the social question, that is, by the abolition of the capitalist mode of production, is the solution of the housing question made possible."

The series includes:

  • A criticism of Proudhonism and petty-bourgeois socialism in general.
  • The nature of the State.
  • The dictatorship of the proletariat.
  • The eradication of the antithesis between town and country.
  • The solution of the agrarian problem.
  • Fforms of the socialist reconstruction of society.
  • The tasks of the proletarian party.
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Author Friedrich Engels
Author Friedrich Engels
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