The Life and Ideas of Engels at 200 [PDF]

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  • New digital pamphlet 49 pages.
  • Socialist Appeal 2020.
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The year 2020 marks the bicentenary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, who was born on 28 November 1820. To celebrate this event, we are publishing this pamphlet, which explores the life and ideas of this great revolutionary.

Alongside Karl Marx, Engels was one of the founding fathers of ‘scientific socialism’ – the theoretical ideas collectively and commonly known today as Marxism. Both in life and in death, however, Engels was always in the shadow of Marx’s undeniable genius. But in truth, Engels was himself a giant of socialist theory.

Engels’ theoretical contributions to the development of Marxism were enormous. However, he was no armchair socialist. As a revolutionary through and through, he committed himself to putting these ideas into practice. From his observations of the conditions of the working class in Manchester, to his activities with the Chartists and the Communist League; and from his efforts to build the First and Second Internationals, to his incredible works of Marxist theory, such as Anti-Dühring and Dialectics of Nature: the life of Friedrich Engels contains a wealth of vital lessons for those looking to continue the fight for socialism today.

The greatest birthday present we can offer Engels on this bicentenary, therefore, is to learn from the incredible legacy of his life and writings, and to apply his revolutionary ideas in building the forces of Marxism worldwide.

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Author Socialist Appeal
Author Socialist Appeal
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