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  • Five books by Wellred Books.

Wellred Books proudly presents our publications from 2019, available together with a 1/3 discount until the end of the year. The pack includes:

  • State and Revolution, V.I. Lenin: Lenin's classic account of the Marxist understanding of the state, with a new introduction by Alan Woods.
  • Spain's Revolution Against Franco, The Great Betrayal, Alan Woods: Alan Woods' incredible history of the revolutionary movement that brought down the Franco regime. 
  • The First World War, A Marxist Analysis of the Great Slaughter, Alan Woods: Alan Woods' history of the First World War, which uses a Marxist approach to explain the causes and the history of the war.
  • In Defence of Marxism, Leon Trotsky: A book written during a struggle in the American Trotskyist movement in 1939-40, which covers a huge number of topics including the class nature of the soviet union; dialectical materialism; Bolshevik principles of organisation; and much more.
  • Imperialism, V.I. Lenin: A book which explains modern capitalism better than any other, Lenin's predictions in this book regarding the concentration of capital, the dominance of the banks and finance capital, the growing antagonism between nation states and the inevitability of war arising out of the contradictions of imperialism have been shown to be true by the entire history of the last 100 years. 
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