Workers' Control

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  • New paperback 504 pages.
  • Spokesman 2005
  • 9780851246994

"This book was originally published in 1968, at a time when the issue of workers' control in British industry was beginning to stir in the trade unions and throughout the Labour movement. The paperback version was first published in 1970.

"The book sought to show the rich history of a movement to win a voice in the government of industry for the people who do the work in it. It assembled a great deal of material, from different points of view, showing the breadth of the argument over the years from 1900 onwards. It helped to shape an alternative view within the official Labour movement, and exercised considerable influence, not only in a number of key trade unions, but also in local government and in some public services. It gives a
graphic, panoramic picture of many of the best minds in the Labour movement, exploring the ideas of syndicalism, industrial unionism, guild socialism and so on, concluding with a section dealing with burgeoning arguments in the 1960s."

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Author Ken Coates and Tony Topham [Ed.]
Author Ken Coates and Tony Topham [Ed.]
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